Xbox providing ‘Tell Me Why’ free of charge for Pride Month

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Xbox is providing its acclaimed Tell Me Why recreation free of charge on Xbox consoles, Windows 10 and Steam for Pride Month.

All three episodes of the narrative journey recreation are being provided free of charge till June thirtieth. Previously, solely the primary episode was made accessible free of charge, with the opposite two being provided at a premium.

Developed by Life is Strange maker Dontnod, Tell Me Why follows twins Tyler and Alyson Ronan as they reunite after 10 years to return to their childhood dwelling and examine their mom’s loss of life.

The recreation, which launched episodically final August to September, was praised for being the primary title from a serious studio to characteristic a lead trans playable character (Tyler). In an effort to be as genuine as doable with Tyler, Dontnod consulted with transgender advocates and forged trans actor August Aiden Black to play him. Dontnod additionally has a spoiler-ish FAQ to reply questions associated to delicate subject material that gamers may discover triggering.

While the sport is being provided free of charge for Pride Month, it does coincide nicely with Canada’s National Indigenous History Month. Tell Me Why is about in rural Alaska, an space with many Indigenous folks, so Dontnod additionally labored with members of these communities in its depiction of Native characters.

For extra on Tell Me Why, try our evaluation.

Xbox has a number of different Pride Month initiatives; you possibly can examine these right here.

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