SaskTel investing $4.3 million to improve 4G LTE community capability in rural communities

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SaskTel is investing $4.3 million to improve the 4G LTE capability of its wi-fi community in 25 rural communities in Saskatchewan.

The firm will set up further carriers on the towers in these communities to extend their 4G LTE wi-fi knowledge capability by as much as 300 %.

SaskTel says the added capability will be certain that clients in these communities are in a position to make use of their gadgets with out having to cope with community congestion.

The rural communities embrace Abbey, Leask, Green Lake, Wood Mountain, Kincaid, Dinsmore, Estuary, Eyebrow and extra. The full record of the 25 communities might be discovered right here.

“SaskTel understands how vital communications services have become this past year, and it’s this awareness that helps drive us to make these important investments in our networks to ensure our customers can take advantage of the economic, educational, and social resources the world has to offer,” stated SaskTel CEO Doug Burnett in an announcement.

The venture is scheduled to start in June with the entire towers to be upgraded by the top of March 2022.

SaskTel notes that these capability enhancements come as a part of its $323 million capital investments introduced for the 2021/2022 fiscal 12 months.

Source: SaskTel

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