Former Apple Arcade unique Lego Builder’s Journey coming to PC and Switch on June 22

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I’m a sucker for something Lego-related, particularly video video games.

Similar to different video games like Skate City and Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, Lego Builder’s Journey, which was beforehand unique to Apple Arcade, will make the bounce to PC by means of Steam/the Epic Games Store and the Nintendo Switch on June twenty second.

[embedded content]
The isometric, Monument Valley-like sport duties gamers with making a path with Lego bricks that characters then observe. The PC model of the sport consists of visible upgrades like ray-traced ambient occlusion, world illumination and upgraded reflections and shadows, which is form of hilarious given this can be a sport targeted on Lego bricks.

To be truthful, the visuals do look extraordinarily spectacular once you see them in motion (try the video above)

Lego Builder’s Journey was developed by Light Brick, an in-house Lego studio that’s now its personal separate firm. It’s unclear how a lot the sport will value.

What do you think?

Written by Gideon


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