Telus expands ‘Tech for Good’ program throughout Canada

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Telus has partnered with March of Dimes Canada to broaden its ‘Tech for Good’ program to assist assist Canadians with disabilities.

The Tech for Good program gives folks with disabilities entry to assistive technologists at March of Dimes Canada who’ve specialised information about accessibility obstacles and assistive applied sciences for cell gadgets.

Telus notes that this system presents custom-made suggestions, coaching, and assist. Available assist contains personalised, digital one-on-one evaluation, assistive expertise coaching primarily based on an people’ wants

The Vancouver-based nationwide service first launched this system in Alberta and British Columbia in 2018 and is now increasing it throughout Canada.

“The global health emergency has demonstrated the critical importance of digital accessibility, particularly for citizens with disabilities,” mentioned Telus CEO Darren Entwistle in an announcement.

“Through our Tech for Good program, and in collaboration with March of Dimes Canada, the Telus team is passionate about deploying our technology brilliantly to empower Canadians of all abilities to prosper in our digital world.”

Tech for Good goals to supply equitable entry to cell gadgets and assist folks with disabilities to reside and work within the digital world.

Source: Telus

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