Quebec ISP Ebox requires resignation of CRTC chairperson Ian Scott

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Ebox is looking for the resignation of CRTC chairperson Ian Scott following the fee’s latest wholesale charges choice.

Last Thursday, the CRTC backtracked on implementing its lowered wholesale charges from 2019 and has made the interim charges from 2016 everlasting.

The Longueuil, Quebec-based unbiased web service supplier says the ruling is extraordinarily detrimental to Canadians and that Scott was biased in his choice.

“The CRTC’s decision to backtrack on the decision made in 2019 shows great signs of incompetence. Mr. Ian Scott, former Vice President of Telus, appears to be biased by his clear preference for infrastructure-owning competitors,” Ebox said in a press launch.

“The appearance of a conflict of interest due to pressure from the major providers, the incompetence, as well as the inefficiency in handling this case are simply too great to be ignored.”

Further, the ISP says the ruling will result in worth will increase for patrons and that the CRTC caved in to the stress from main telecom suppliers.

Ebox joins TekSavvy and VMedia, which have additionally referred to as for Scott’s removing and resignation. TekSavvy has equally accused Scott of bias and requested for him to be eliminated or be required to recuse himself from choices associated to wholesale and facilities-based opponents.

VMedia stated in an announcement that the choice raises doubts concerning the “leadership and competence” of the CRTC and that Scott ought to resign.

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