OxygenOS goals to enhance OnePlus 9/9 Pro’s digital camera and battery life

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The OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro function OnePlus’ closely touted Hasselblad-tuned digital camera system.

While the Hasselblad advertising and marketing marketing campaign made it look like these cameras would become among the finest to ever be featured in a smartphone, they didn’t completely stay as much as the hype, and since their launch, OnePlus has been fixing points with the flagships’ digital camera system.

The newest software program replace, ‘OxygenOS’, goals to resolve among the digital camera’s efficiency points raised by customers together with a number of bug fixes and community enhancements.

The noise discount algorithm/sharpening impact and the focusing/brightness settings for indoor scenes, have all been improved, in line with the OnePlus’ changelog.

Additionally, the rear digital camera’s auto white stability has additionally been improved to offer greater accuracy.

Check the complete changelog under:


  • Improved charging expertise
  • Optimized energy consumption
  • Fixed identified points and improved stability


  • Improved the hidden operation logic of the digital camera‘s prime bar
  • Optimized the noise discount and sharpening impact of the rear digital camera
  • Improved the focusing expertise and brightness fidelity in indoor scenes
  • Improved the accuracy of auto white stability of the rear digital camera


  • Improved community efficiency

OnePlus says that it’s beginning rolling out the OnePlus 9 and OnePlu 9 professional replace now and that it’s coming to Europe and North America quickly.

Source: OnePlus

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