Elon Musk says Tesla Model S Plaid trim supply date pushed to June tenth

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As he typically does, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has introduced information associated to his electrical automobile (EV) firm by his Twitter account.

Musk says the supply date of the electrical automobile large’s ‘Model S Plaid’ trim mannequin will likely be delayed till June tenth as a result of the automotive wants “one more week of tweak.” Musk went on to state that “this car feels like a spaceship” and that “words cannot describe the limbic resonance” (no matter which means).

Tesla has been engaged on the Plaid since 2019. The automobile was first proven off as a part of the corporate’s Battery Day presentation final September.

The automotive is positioned as a step above Tesla’s Ludicrous trim degree, with the Model S Plaid hitting 0-10kmph in 2.1 seconds. The automotive additionally encompasses a prime pace of as much as 200mph, in line with Musk’s tweets.

On Tesla’s web site, the Plaid is listed as that includes a spread of 628km and a prime pace of 322km/h. There’s additionally a ‘Plaid+’ trim choice that’s anticipated to characteristic extra vary and a sooner prime pace.

Tesla’s web site lists the Plaid as beginning at $159,990 and the Plaid+ at $199,990, with an availability date of mid-2022.

Source: @elonmusk 

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