Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision are unique to Xbox Series X/S for 2 years

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It lastly is smart why Sony hasn’t opted to help Dolby Vision HDR or Dolby Atmos encompass sound with the PlayStation 5.

According to a now-removed Xbox Wire France weblog publish, Microsoft has console exclusivity for each types of expertise for the subsequent two years. Microsoft possible has plans to make an official announcement throughout E3.

The Xbox Series X and Series S have supported Dolby Atmos for the reason that consoles’ launch in November. The Xbox One has additionally supported the 3D digital encompass sound expertise since 2017. However, to make use of Dolby Atmos on Xbox consoles or PC, you must pay a $15 USD (roughly $18 CAD) price.

DTS Headphone: X on the Xbox additionally fees an analogous price, whereas Microsoft’s Windows Sonic is solely free. It’s additionally price noting that Xbox Wireless Headset house owners will get free entry to Atmos on Xbox and PC till September.

On the HDR facet of issues, Microsoft has been testing Dolby Vision gaming on the Xbox Series X/S for the previous few months. For instance, the corporate not too long ago expanded its Dolby Vision HDR gaming take a look at to incorporate Xbox Insider Alpha ring customers. It’s unclear if all video games will help Dolby Vision or if the characteristic is just coming to pick titles.

While Dolby Vision is extensively established as one of many highest-end types of HDR within the tv and film area, this marks the primary time the expertise is getting used for gaming.

Source: Xbox Via: Engadget 

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