Android 12 blocks builders from customizing ‘Sharesheet’

Android 12 will now drive its ‘Sharesheet’ to dam third-party apps from utilizing their very own ‘share’ dialogue.

What this implies is that if you’re trying to share an image or hyperlink, there’s sometimes a share sheet with dialogue that seems. This often varies between apps as builders are capable of customise their apps’ share sheets.

However, in line with XDA Developers, Sharedr’s builders filed a bug report once they seen that Android 12 didn’t immediate customers to pick between the Android share sheet and their very own app. Google replied to Sharedr and mentioned that this was not a bug and that it now blocks third-party apps from changing Android’s share dialogue.

“We had never actually intended to allow apps to replace the share dialog, that intent is for apps to launch the share dialog,” Google instructed XDA Developers. “Being able to replace the share dialog is also becoming increasingly impossible — you couldn’t implement the direct share part of the UI, nor the personal vs. work profile tabs in (Android) R, etc. This is just not something that is feasible to allow apps to replace.”

Google hasn’t confirmed that it’ll cease builders from customizing the Android share sheet. With that in thoughts, apps like Sharedr will possible proceed to work, however you’ll have to pick the app from the Google share sheet.

Source: XDA Developers

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