Northwestel, SSi Micro obtain funding to enhance web connectivity in Nunavut

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The federal authorities is investing $6.9 million to enhance web connectivity for over 9,800 households in Nunavut.

Northwestel will obtain $1.9 million in funding and SSi Micro will obtain $4.9 million. The funding is being offered below the Universal Broadband Fund.

“Affordable, reliable, high-speed Internet service is an essential part of the daily lives of Nunavummiut and all Canadians and it is critical to their success,” stated Daniel Vandal, the minister of northern affairs, in a information launch.

“These projects will help sustain jobs, improve access to health care and online learning services, and keep people connected to their loved ones.”

The federal authorities launched the Universal Broadband Fund in November 2020 and included the Rapid Response Stream, which incorporates $150 million instantly accessible in funding for tasks that may be accomplished by November fifteenth, 2021.

Last month, the federal government allotted one other $1 billion below Budget 2021 for the now $2.75 billion Universal Broadband Fund.

Source: ISED

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