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Lucky Mobile and Chatr providing 2GB of bonus knowledge per thirty days for 3 months

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Bell’s Lucky Mobile and Rogers’ Chatr are presently providing 2GB of bonus knowledge per thirty days for as much as three months.

The provides can be found with new activations on plans that value no less than $35 per thirty days. Both carriers are operating the flash sale till May thirty first.

Lucky Mobile notes that the deal is obtainable on-line and at choose retailers. A one-time $10 SIM card cost applies. The SIM card should be activated by June twenty eighth to ensure that prospects to redeem the supply.

Chatr notes that unused knowledge is not going to be rolled over into the subsequent month. Similar to Lucky Mobile, a one-time $10 SIM card cost applies.

You can study extra about Lucky Mobile’s supply right here and Chatr’s right here.

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