Apple reportedly plans to launch new AirPods Pro with health monitoring in 2022

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Though Apple’s often-rumoured Third-generation AirPods haven’t appeared but, new rumours courtesy of Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman point out that the refreshed wi-fi earbuds and higher-end AirPods Pro will arrive in 2022.

The new AirPods Pro are tipped to function up to date movement sensors and different health monitoring options. It’s additionally probably that they’ll tie in with Apple’s Fitness+ subscription service indirectly.

Gurman goes on to say that the brand new AirPods Pro design will get rid of the wi-fi earbuds’ stem as nicely. This design will reportedly first seem in Apple’s Beats-branded Studio Buds that basketball famous person Lebron James has been seen carrying.

On the AirPods aspect of issues, Apple additionally plans to shorten the stem of the bottom AirPods, making them look extra just like the AirPods Pro. The Bloomberg report doesn’t point out if the brand new AirPods will function energetic noise-cancelling (ANC), nevertheless it does state that they’ll function improved sound high quality. If ANC does come to the usual AirPods, the rumoured new health options are probably an effort by Apple to distinguish the wi-fi earbud strains.

A brand new model of Apple’s expensive AirPods Max isn’t coming simply but, however the report mentions that the tech large is contemplating releasing new colors for the over-ear headphones.

Finally, Bloomberg’s report additionally mentions that Apple is engaged on a HomePod speaker with a built-in display and likewise a tool that mixes the HomePod, a FaceTime digicam and the Apple TV into one product.

Source: Bloomberg

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