Tesla has doubled the quantity of Powerwalls it’s ever offered over the previous 12 months

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Tesla has offered over 200,000 Powerwall batteries, and it’s displaying no indicators of slowing down.

The firm not too long ago tweeted concerning the milestone claiming that within the final 12 months, it has doubled its complete gross sales of Powerwalls.

The Powerwall is a huge battery you mount to the facet of your home to retailer photo voltaic vitality if in case you have pannels. This signifies that if an influence outage occurs, you’ll nonetheless have the ability to use the saved vitality in your battery.

Tesla additionally not too long ago introduced that each one Tesla photo voltaic panel and Solar Roof installations would require a Powerwall to make organising the system extra uniform.

This 12 months, the corporate additionally mentioned that it might ship extra Powerwalls if it was capable of manufacture extra of them. Tesla is outwardly experiencing a multi-quarter backlog. This will seemingly decelerate the anticipated launch of the Solar Roof in Canada because it wants to come back with a Powerwall now.

Image credit score: Tesla

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