CBC launching Indigenous history-focused podcast on May 31

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The CBC is launching a brand new podcast known as Telling our Twisted Histories, an 11-episode sequence that “reclaims Indigenous history” and explores phrases which were modified by centuries of colonization.

The podcast is directed by Ossie Michelin and hosted by Kaniehtiio Horn (LetterkennyThe Man within the High Castle) and options extra 70 folks from 11 indigenous communities on lands now make up Quebec, New Brunswick and Labrador.

“Savage. Reserve. Indian Time. Words connect us, but also have the power to wound, erase and replace us,” says Horn. “As Indigenous people, we are used to our stories getting a little twisted. This podcast is all about exploring some of these words, with humour and truth, so that we all better understand how they impact us to this day.”

On May thirty first, CBC Listen will air the primary two episodes ‘Discovery,’ and ‘Reserve,’ with new episodes releasing weekly till August 2nd.

CBC says that Telling our Twisted Histories is a co-production in affiliation with Terre Innue. The French-version of this podcast, Laissez-nous raconter : L’histoire crochie, launched again in June 2020.

Image Credit: CBC

Source: CBC

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