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You can purchase the OnePlus 8T for $375 off proper now

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One of essentially the most vital deterrents to buying a OnePlus 8T in Canada has been its excessive worth, however that’s about to alter.

The 120Hz show cellphone is at the moment obtainable at a reduction on OnePlus’ web site, with its worth slashed all the way down to $799 from $1,099 earlier than tax.

What makes the deal even sweeter is that you simply get to decide on between two bumper instances that come free with the acquisition of the handset.

Currently, solely the 12GB RAM + 256GB storage variant is on the market in ‘Lunar Silver’ and ‘Aquamarine Green.’

OnePlus additionally provides you the choice to commerce in your outdated cellphone for retailer credit score. For instance, was in a position to get a quote of $50 for my outdated, semi-broken Galaxy S9.

Additionally, utilizing code ‘ONEPLUS8T75′ at checkout offers you an extra $75 off your OnePlus 8T.

The cellphone obtained an 8.5/10 score when it was reviewed by our workforce final 12 months. Check out the total evaluation right here.

To buy the cellphone, click on right here.

Source: OnePlus

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