Canada Post discloses information breach following malware assault on provider

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Canada Post has notified 44 of its massive enterprise prospects that data regarding greater than 950,000 prospects has been compromised.

The information breach was attributable to a malware assault on one among its suppliers, Commport Communications. The firm notified Canada Post that manifest information held of their techniques, which was related to some Canada Post prospects, had been compromised on May nineteenth.

Commport Communications is an digital information interchange (EDI) answer provider utilized by Canada Post to handle the transport manifest information of enormous parcel enterprise prospects.

Shipping manifests are used to meet buyer orders and usually embody sender and receiver contact data.

Canada Post notes that there isn’t any proof that any monetary data was breached. The data is from July 2016 to March 2019 and the overwhelming majority contained the title and handle of the receiving buyer. Three p.c contained an e mail handle and/or telephone quantity.

The postal company says it’s notifying affected enterprise prospects are being notified and offering them with data relating to subsequent steps.

Canada Post notes that it’ll interact exterior cybersecurity consultants to conduct extra forensic work and that the Office of the Privacy Commissioner has been notified.

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