Twitter reportedly engaged on new ‘Super Follows’ depend show

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Twitter is reportedly engaged on a brand new ‘Super Follows’ depend show forward of the function’s imminent launch.

Reverse app engineer Jane Manchun Wong found the brand new depend show. The new Super Follows depend shall be displayed alongside customers’ common followers depend.

Earlier this 12 months, Twitter announced that it’s testing a brand new Super Follows subscription function to permit customers to cost for his or her tweets.

Super Follows enable customers to get unique entry to further content material, which could possibly be tweets, offers, neighborhood teams or newsletters. The firm basically sees this new function as a means for creators to obtain direct monetary help from their followers.

Twitter joins different platforms which have rolled out direct creator cost companies, together with Patreon, Facebook and YouTube. Twitter was rumoured to be launching a subscription function for fairly a while now, nevertheless it’s nonetheless unknown when Super Follows will launch.

The social media large can also be reportedly prepping a brand new paid subscription service referred to as ‘Twitter Blue,’ which is able to embody an undo tweets function and a bookmark assortment function.

Source: @wongmjane

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