Huawei to unveil HarmonyOS platform and new gadgets on June 2

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Huawei has posted a teaser video to its official YouTube channel confirming a HarmonyOS platform announcement on June 2nd.

Additionally, the teaser says that Huawei is planning to point out off new merchandise alongside the working system.

[embedded content]

It’s unclear what gadgets the corporate will reveal or precisely what HarmonyOS will appear to be on its smartphones, TVs and different gadgets. However, ArsTechnica did a deep dive on the platform, stating that it’s a carbon copy of Android and pulls components from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

As for gadgets, we’ll doubtless see the Huawei P50 and its oval-shaped digicam setup.

While it’s fascinating Huawei is releasing its personal working system, it’s unclear how properly it’ll carry out in Canada. For instance, smaller Android machine producers like HTC and Sony not launch gadgets right here. While Huawei already has a presence right here, attempting to interrupt additional into the Canadian market with out entry to U.S.-based apps doesn’t seem to be a method that can bode properly for the corporate.

Huawei was compelled to go away Android behind after a U.S. authorities ban was positioned on the China-based firm. Even with former U.S. President Donald Trump out of workplace, the ban stays in place.

Source: Huawei, Via: 9to5Google

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