Here are the Netflix Originals coming to Canada in June 2021

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Each month, Netflix provides new unique content material to its platform.

This June, exhibits and films like Sweet Tooth, Record of Ragnarok, the second season of Feel Good, and the fourth season of certainly one of my absolute favorite exhibits, Élite and extra can be becoming a member of the streaming service.

This listing is curated for Canadians that primarily use Netflix for its unique content material. If you’re searching for the entire exhibits and films coming to Netflix in June, click on right here.

Coming Soon

June 1st

June 2nd

June third

June 4th

June fifth

June ninth

June tenth

June eleventh

June 14th

  • Elite Short Stories — Netflix Series (Spain)

June fifteenth

June sixteenth

June seventeenth

June 18th

June nineteenth

  • Nevertheless — Netflix Series (South Korea)

June twenty third

June twenty fourth

June twenty sixth

  • Wonder Boy — Netflix Documentary (France)

June twenty eighth

June twenty ninth

June thirtieth

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