Google Assistant may be capable to flip off your Android cellphone quickly

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Google Assistant may get the flexibility to energy off your Android cellphone along with your voice in a future replace.

9to5Google experiences that hints of the characteristic had been found within the code of a beta model of the Google Search app. The beta contains an explainer for upcoming methods to make use of the Assistant.

The explainer features a part that explains the best way to energy off your system. “Go to the power menu, press the Power button and the volume up button, or open your Assistance and say Power Off,” the part reads.

Currently, while you ask Assistant to show off your system, it’ll both inform you that this management isn’t obtainable or it is going to stroll you thru the best way to shut down your cellphone.

It’s value noting that it’s unknown if this characteristic will likely be unique to Android 12 or if it is going to solely be obtainable on Pixel units. As of now, it’s additionally unknown when this characteristic may roll out.

Source: 9to5Google

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