Canadian authorities to repurpose 3800MHz spectrum for 5G

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Roughly 9 months after the federal authorities opened consultations on repurposing 3800MHz spectrum for 5G, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry François-Philippe Champagne has introduced the federal government will repurpose the spectrum.

The announcement got here late Friday forward of the May lengthy weekend and famous that 3800MHz, in addition to 3500MHz, are spectrum bands thought of key for 5G networks. These make up elements of what’s referred to as ‘mid-band’ 5G or Sub-6.

As a refresher, Sub-6 refers to bands beneath 6GHz (6,000 MHz) and can make up the majority of 5G connectivity as Canadian 5G networks evolve. There’s additionally low-band 5G, which covers spectrum beneath 1,000MHz (such because the 600MHz spectrum previously auctioned by the federal authorities) and high-band 5G, or mmWave, which makes use of radio waves within the 25-39GHz vary. Low-band 5G doesn’t supply far more efficiency than 4G however has wonderful vary, whereas mmWave can cowl a couple of hundred metres however gives gigabit speeds. Mid-band 5G gives a mixture, with longer vary than mmWave and quicker speeds than low-band 5G.

Currently, 3800MHz spectrum is accessible to be used by fastened satellite tv for pc providers. As a part of the choice, these providers will likely be restricted to 4000 to 4200MHz spectrum by 2025 “with certain exceptions.” Further, the federal government famous fastened satellite tv for pc providers will be capable to proceed utilizing the spectrum in distant areas that depend on satellite tv for pc for crucial providers like broadband connectivity.

The authorities says wi-fi broadband service licensees in city areas will transition by 2025, whereas licensees in rural areas can have till 2027.

“Our government is committed to making the right spectrum available to support the highest quality wireless services and the rollout of 5G technologies. We know these services will drive innovative new technologies, from clean energy to telemedicine, while also creating good jobs and new products for Canadians living in rural and remote areas,” Champagne mentioned.

The authorities’s 3500MHz spectrum public sale is scheduled to start out on June fifteenth, 2021. However, the federal government doesn’t plan to public sale 3800MHz spectrum till early 2023.

Source: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

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