Spotify including offline music listening and extra to Apple Watch app

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Spotify seems to nonetheless care concerning the Apple Watch, because the streaming platform has introduced it’s bringing offline listening to the wearable, making it simpler to hearken to songs straight from the watch.

This implies that Apple Watch house owners who use Spotify can now load songs onto their smartwatch, even when they’re not close to their cellphone or related to the web. Spotify says Premium subscribers with an Apple Watch can obtain playlists, albums and podcasts by tapping on the three-dot menu beside them.

In addition to the flexibility to stream songs on to the watch — which Spotify added late final 12 months — this makes the Apple Watch a reasonably full music streaming bundle. The Swedish streaming big additionally introduced this week that it’s revamping the Wear OS’ Spotify app to get all of those options.

Now, after a number of months of updates, Spotify on Apple Watch is a reasonably full bundle. If you might have an Apple Watch knowledge plan, you possibly can stream music at 96kbps whereas out, permitting me to bike or go for walks and hearken to audio while not having my iPhone. You also can use Siri on Apple Watch to request songs. That mentioned, relying on the way you set it up, chances are you’ll must specify that you really want your songs performed from Spotify.

All of those new options had been used as ammunition within the antitrust battle between Apple and Spotify a number of years in the past, so it’s attention-grabbing to see them lastly make their solution to Apple Watch. What’s nonetheless unclear is that if Apple was deliberately blocking these options earlier than or if Spotify simply didn’t trouble implementing them.

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