OnePlus is collaborating with CD Project Red on a Cyberpunk 2077 OnePlus Watch

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OnePlus will quickly begin promoting a Cyberpunk 2077 themed OnePlus Watch.

I actually don’t know if it is going to assist the watch a lot contemplating how irritating it might generally be when it launched. What units this new Cyber OnePlus Watch aside is that it comes with a enjoyable Cyberpunk-styled clock-face and band.

Overall, it doesn’t look that particular, and sadly, it removes among the finest issues concerning the OnePlus Watch — its premium and delicate design — and makes it look fairly infantile.

OnePlus did not too long ago roll out a few updates for the watch, so whereas my preliminary assessment of the wearable was pretty adverse, there’s an opportunity the corporate has improved it since then (I plan to provide it a re-examination quickly).

Compared to the slick-looking Cyberpunk OnePlus 8T from final 12 months, it is a massive letdown. That mentioned, the Cyberpunk smartphone by no means made its approach right here, so it’s unlikely that the watch will come to Canada.

For extra on the OnePlus Watch, try my assessment.

Via: Android Police 

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