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NBA 2K21 is free on the Epic Games Store on PC

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If you sport on PC and are keen on sports activities titles, you would possibly need to obtain the Epic Games Launcher to get a free copy of NBA 2K21.

You can get the sport without cost till May twenty seventh, and when you declare it, you get to maintain it perpetually — this isn’t a free trial.

Head over to Epic’s web site to declare the title.

This is a fairly large sport for the service, which has been utilizing free video games to lure individuals into its on-line sport retailer for the previous few years. During the Epic V Apple trial, we discovered that Epic paid $1.5 million USD for Batman Arkham (about $1.8 million CAD), $350,000 USD (roughly $420,000 CAD) for Limbo, $1.4 million USD (roughly $1.7 million CAD) for Subnautica and a grand whole of $0 for Metro 2033 Redux. Who is aware of how a lot NBA 2k21 price the gaming large.

NBA 2k21 is simply the tip of the iceberg as Epic kicks off its Mega Sale that ends on June seventeenth. The firm says it should launch a brand new free sport each Thursday till then.

Source: Epic Games

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