Leak suggests Sony’s subsequent wi-fi earbuds intention to step up their design

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In 2019, Sony launched its positively reviewed WF-1000XM3s wi-fi earbuds. While MobileSyrup’s Dean Daley appreciated them, their massive design made the buds a little bit annoying to make use of since they by no means felt safe in his ears.

Now, two years later, it looks like Sony is again within the noise-cancelling wi-fi earbuds area with the yet-to-be-announced WF-1000XM4s. Unfortunately, the corporate hasn’t revamped the identify of the earbuds, however past that, they give the impression of being fairly nice.

The leak from Evan Blass exhibits a a lot smaller charging case and general design that ought to make the earbuds a little bit lighter and in flip, keep in your ears higher. The newly designed buds additionally seem to return in an off-white model and black.

We noticed one other leak in early May relating to these earbuds, so hopefully, Sony will reveal and launch them sooner relatively than later. As it stands proper now, there’s no data relating to sound high quality or battery life enhancements. It’s additionally unknown if the WF-1000XM4s function any sort of water-resistance.

Source: @evleaks

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