Government invests $7.7 million to convey high-speed web to southwestern Ontario

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The federal authorities is investing $7.7 million to convey connectivity to over 2,800 households in southwestern Ontario.

Bell, Cogeco Connexion, GBTEL, Quadro Communications and Vianet will obtain the funding to finish 11 initiatives. The funding is being offered underneath the Universal Broadband Fund.

The initiatives will convey connectivity to the communities of Allenford, Camlachie, Campbells Cross, Cedarhurst Park, Colchester, Connor, Deerbrook, Everett, Lucan, Marthaville, Oxley, Rosemont, Sauble Beach, St. Joachim, Tara, Thamesford and Wyoming.

“As we build back even better, our government is focused on a resilient and inclusive recovery where no one is left behind, and this announcement is a perfect example,” stated Bardish Chagger, the minister of range and inclusion and youth, in a press release.

“Through the Rapid Response Stream of the Universal Broadband Fund, we are helping ready-to-go projects receive faster approval so construction can start and communities can be connected more quickly.”

The federal authorities launched the Universal Broadband Fund in November 2020 and included the Rapid Response Stream, which incorporates $150 million instantly obtainable in funding for initiatives that may be accomplished by November fifteenth, 2021.

Last month, the federal government allotted one other $1 billion underneath Budget 2021 for the now $2.75 billion Universal Broadband Fund.

Image credit score: Unsplash (@jasonhafso)

Source: ISED

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