Telus investing $38 million within the Capitale-Nationale area in Quebec

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Telus is investing $38 million to deploy its PureFibre and 5G networks within the Capitale-Nationale area in Quebec.

The Vancouver-based nationwide service says the funding will present greater than 2,000 extra households and companies within the Portneuf RCM and Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures with direct entry to optical fibre by September 2022.

Telus may even broaden its 5G community to twenty new communities within the area together with the Portneuf, Côte-de-Beaupré, and Charlevoix RCMs.

“Our 500 team members in the Capitale-Nationale region are committed to actively continuing the deployment of our networks across Quebec, and to driving the economic recovery of our regions,” stated Marie-Christine D’Amours, the vice-president of Telus’ shopper options and buyer expertise for Quebec, in a press release.

Telus plans to speculate $54 billion in Canada by 2024, together with $9 billion in Quebec, primarily in infrastructure and operations.

Source: Telus 

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