Xplornet acquires over 160 towers from TowerCo in Manitoba

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Xplornet has acquired over 160 towers in Manitoba from TowerCo to speed up its 5G deployment.

The provider says the acquisition will permit it to broaden its 5G community and mobility protection to households and companies all through rural Manitoba.

“This is a good site acquisition opportunity for Xplornet as we are finalizing agreements with the Province of Manitoba to deliver fast and reliable Internet and cellular services to rural Manitoban homes and businesses,” stated Xplornet CEO Allison Lenehan in an announcement.

Xplornet says it has been targeted on investing and constructing in Manitoba, as each Xplore Mobile and Xplornet Enterprise Solutions are headquartered in Brandon. It additionally just lately acquired CCI Wireless and its Manitoba subsidiary WiBand Communications to proceed investing within the province.

“We are delighted to have closed this deal and see Xplornet acquire our entire tower assets portfolio,” stated Charlie Clark, the president of TowerCo Inc, in an announcement.

The provider says that is one other step in the direction of increasing its community infrastructure and presence in rural Manitoba.

Source: Xplornet 

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