Interac ranked most revered expertise service supplier in Canada: report

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Interac has been chosen as probably the most revered expertise service supplier in Canada, in response to a public opinion survey.

The survey was performed as a part of the Most Respected Award Program. Interac obtained a respect rating of 74.5 based mostly on a 100-point scale.

“Whereas most organizations have to earn respect day by day, Interac has to accomplish it minute by minute as they enable Canadians to have greater control over their money,” stated Jeff Munn, the manager director of the Canada’s Most Respected Award Program,” in a press release.

“Interac has achieved this well-deserved accolade for seamlessly facilitating secure financial transactions through best-in-class technology, a firm commitment to security for clients and customers alike, and a real-time demonstration of reliability and integrity.”

Google got here in second place with a rating of 67.9. Netflix adopted intently with a respect rating of 66. PayPal and YouTube rounded out the highest 5 with scores of 65.2 and 63.7, respectively.

Amazon adopted in sixth place with a rating of 60.5. Disney+ and Apple drained for eight locations with each scoring 59.5. Spotify wasn’t far behind with a rating of 58.6.

The outcomes for this rating had been based mostly on a survey of a nationally consultant pattern of three,901 Canadian adults performed in April 2021.

Image credit score: Interac

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