Here’s watch Google I/O 2021

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Google I/O 2021 is simply hours away, and for those who’re questioning comply with alongside, there are a number of totally different choices.

Firstly, streams of the keynote — which begins at 1pm ET/10am PT — might be hosted on each Google’s I/O web site and the Google Developers YouTube channel (out there beneath).

[embedded content]

If the video stream isn’t for you, you can too comply with alongside on Twitter. Google’s social channel will submit necessary bulletins and highlights from the keynote because it occurs.

You can comply with alongside on MobileSyrup for the most recent particulars. Our Twitter and Instagram may also have necessary bulletins as they occur at I/O.

If you want one thing to tide you over till the keynote kicks off later in the present day, you may check out what we’re anticipating to see at I/O 2021.

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