PS5 and Xbox Series X customers will quickly have the ability to play Watch Dogs: Legion in 60fps

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Watch Dogs: Legion will likely be added to the rising listing of video games receiving a next-gen efficiency increase, in response to Ubisoft.

As a part of the brand new model ‘4.5 update,’ the sport will run on 60 frames per second (fps) on the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. At launch, the sport was locked at 30fps and ran with ray-tracing at 4K decision.

The information of a 60fps replace isn’t surprising, on condition that Ubisoft introduced a brand new efficiency mode was in growth throughout an AMA in April.

It reads, “TU 4.5 also brings the Tactical Op, Project OMNI, as well as one of the biggest requests from our next-gen console players, 60FPS performance mode. We’re very excited to bring this to the game!”

Legion’s 4.5 patch additionally fixes a slew of points with playable hero Mina Sidhu, a playable hero that was added within the 4.0 title replace earlier this month. In addition, Ubisoft can be releasing Project OMNI, a set of extra-difficult missions meant to be tackled in co-op by a number of gamers.

The developer has but to announce a launch date for the most recent replace however has said that the accompanying patch notes will likely be launched nearer to the launch.

Source: Ubisoft

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