Dubious ‘Rose Pink’ iPhone 13 Pro Max hearsay circulates on Twitter

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This makes my homosexual coronary heart a bit of glad.

Rumours surrounding the opportunity of a pink iPhone 13 are at present circulating, and I’m one hundred pc right here for them. A Twitter account referred to as Peng Phones lately tweeted a photograph of a pink iPhone 13 Pro Max together with “coming soon in December 2021.”

The telephone is known as ‘Rose Pink’ within the tweet and is surrounded by related colored equipment and merchandise.

This is at present only a hearsay and must be taken with a reasonably substantial grain of salt, regardless of how sure Peng Phones appears to be concerning the leak. Additionally, no different notable leaker has backed up the considerably on the market hearsay, and Peng Phones isn’t a widely known supply of Apple leaks.

However, a sizzling pink iPhone isn’t completely out of the realm of risk. In the previous, Apple has launched a pink iPhone 5C, a coral iPhone XR, and a rose gold iPhone 6s.

The tech big could be taking a web page from Samsung’s lately launched pink Galaxy S21. LG additionally dropped a pink Velvet smartphone final 12 months as effectively.

Currently, the iPhone 12 Pro is barely obtainable in ‘Silver,’ ‘Graphite,’ ‘Gold’ and ‘Pacific Blue.’ Pacific Blue was Apple’s function color final 12 months and within the 12 months prior, it was ‘Midnight Green.’

Apple lately launched a ‘Purple’ iPhone 12 and iPhone mini. Peng Phones says the pink iPhone 13 Pro will launch in December, a number of months after the anticipated announcement for the iPhone 13 sequence. It’s attainable Apple may launch this rumoured Rose Pink iPhone 13 variant a few months after the sequence’ preliminary launch.

Source: CNET

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