All Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers get HD music for no added value

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Shortly after Apple introduced that it was going to make lossless audio accessible to all Apple Music subscribers, Amazon has completed the identical.

These are two vital strikes by two large firms within the streaming house and can doubtless trigger a fairly large dent in Tidal and Deezer’s subscriber progress.

Amazon’s HD music tier was beforehand priced at $13 monthly for Prime subscribers and $15 monthly for everybody else. Now, It’s priced at $10 monthly, making it a significantly better deal than Tidal ($20 monthly for Hi-Fi) and Spotify, which presently doesn’t even have an HQ music choice, however will quickly.

Realistically, the one different service that would supply this could be Youtube Music since, like Amazon Music and Apple Music, it has a big firm backing it, so it doesn’t must attempt as arduous as Spotify and Tidal to be worthwhile.

Over 70 million songs on Amazon Music can now be streamed in ‘HD,’ which is 16 bits and a pattern price of 44.1kHz (CD high quality). The firm additionally has seven million songs in ‘Ultra HD,’ which is 24 bits and a pattern price as much as 192 kHz.

Beyond that, the corporate can also be giving all customers entry to its catalogue of 3D blended music that enables individuals to take heed to music in a brand new method. Apple additionally added this function to Apple Music as we speak, and it’s being heralded because the successor to stereo sound since it could actually push audio on the person, particularly after they’re utilizing headphones or a encompass sound system, from many instructions as a substitute of simply two.

Source: Amazon Music 

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