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Samsung’s 27-inch curved LCD gaming monitor is at the moment 25 % off

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An glorious deal on Amazon Canada has a 27-inch Samsung curved LCD gaming monitor on sale for a similar worth as its smaller 24-inch sibling.

Right now, the Samsung ‘LC27RG50FQNXZA’ monitor is accessible for $349.99, a reduction of $118.99 (or 25 %). Normally, the 27-inch panel would run Canadians $468.98 on Amazon. For those that’d slightly keep away from buying issues from Amazon, Samsung Canada additionally has the monitor discounted to $349.99 (as an apart, Samsung usually costs $499.99 for the monitor, which is barely greater than what Amazon does).

Aside from the 27-inch measurement and the curve, the monitor additionally affords a 1920 x 1080 pixel decision, 4ms response time, and a 240Hz refresh fee. For connections, the monitor sports activities two HDMI ports, a DisplayPort and a USB-A port.

It’s additionally acquired Nvidia G-Sync. G-Sync, for these unfamiliar, permits a monitor to sync up its refresh charges with the body fee coming from a suitable Nvidia GPU. Like V-Sync, it will probably assist cut back display tearing and related visible artifacts, however does so in a way more adaptable means. I’d argue having a G-Sync — or, for these within the AMD camp, a FreeSync — suitable monitor is a should for any PC gamer as of late because the expertise is considerably higher.

Overall, the Samsung LC27RG50FQNXZA (what a mouthful) appears like a stable monitor, particularly for any PC avid gamers in search of the smoothest expertise doable. A 240Hz refresh fee is sort of excessive, and could be nice for avid gamers who play quite a lot of extremely aggressive on-line video games, particularly first-person shooter titles like CS:GO or Rainbow Six Siege.

Pixel peepers who need high-res screens will possible be dissatisfied with the 1080p panel, however for these wanting quick refresh charges, this looks as if an important deal.

You should purchase the Samsung LC27RG50FQNXZA at Amazon Canada or Samsung Canada.

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