Apple Music for Android beta hints at upcoming lossless audio options

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Details uncovered inside model 3.6 of the Apple Music Beta app for Android counsel we might quickly see a brand new lossless audio characteristic from Apple’s streaming service.

9to5Google carried out a teardown of the Apple Music 3.6 APK file. For these unfamiliar with APK teardowns, they contain cracking open the applying file and testing the code inside. Sometimes, these teardowns reveal code for options that haven’t gone stay but. At the identical time, it’s necessary to notice that unfinished options and code will be deceptive or change earlier than launch, so all the time take data uncovered in teardowns with a grain of salt.

That stated, 9to5’s teardown of Apple Music revealed some pretty concrete particulars about lossless audio in Apple Music. That consists of strings of code that embrace textual content from prompts in regards to the lossless audio format. One immediate explains what lossless audio is, whereas one other warns that utilizing the format might use considerably extra knowledge when streaming or extra on-device storage if you happen to obtain the lossless recordsdata:

  • “Lossless audio files preserve every detail of the original file. Turning this on will consume significantly more data.”
  • “Lossless audio files will use significantly more space on your device. 10 GB of space could store approximately: – 3000 songs at high quality – 1000 songs with lossless – 200 songs with hi-res lossless.”
  • “Lossless streaming will consume significantly more data. A 3-minute song will be approximately: – 1.5 MB with high efficiency- 6 MB with high quality at 256 kbps- 36 MB with lossless at 24-bit/48 kHz- 145 MB with hi-res lossless at 24-bit/192 kHz. Support varies and depends on song availability, network conditions, and connected speaker or headphone capability.”

Further, 9to5Google referenced data gathered by its sister web site 9to5Mac about Dolby Atmos and Dolby Audio coming to the Apple Music app for iOS. The Android app doesn’t point out Dolby, however it seems that Apple Music on Android will supply two variants of high-fidelity audio, “Lossless” and “High-Res Lossless.”

Lossless audio will supply music at 24-bit/48kHz, whereas High-Res Lossless can be as much as 24-bit/192kHz. Further, each high-fidelity codecs will use Apple’s lossless ‘ALAC’ codec as an alternative of the lossy ‘AAC’ codec Apple Music sometimes makes use of.

We might see the brand new lossless audio launch alongside next-gen AirPods

The Verge expands on this, noting that the looks of lossless audio within the Apple Music Android app code might point out a really imminent launch. For instance, the Apple One subscription bundle appeared in Apple Music for Android a few days earlier than Apple introduced it. Should that sample maintain true, we might see a lossless Apple Music announcement as quickly as subsequent week.

Moreover, a reasonably sketchy leak from a web site referred to as AppleTrack urged Apple would announce the next-gen AirPods alongside lossless audio streaming in Apple Music on May 18th. On its personal, the leak didn’t appear to be a lot. Coupled with the brand new details about lossless audio discovered within the Apple Music for Android app, nevertheless, the leak appears to carry some water.

Naturally, take all this with a grain of salt. I’d say it’s possible that Apple will announce lossless audio streaming for Apple Music quickly, though perhaps not subsequent week. An AirPods announcement is much less possible, however actually not unattainable.

Source: 9to5Google, The Verge

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