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You can as soon as once more get three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for simply $1

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Microsoft’s glorious $1 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal is again. For a restricted time, Canadians can subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 3 months and solely pay $1.

Typically, Microsoft prices $1 for the primary month of Game Pass Ultimate, earlier than growing the value to the common $16.99 monthly value. However, this deal provides you the primary month for $1, and the second and third months at no cost. If you subscribe to the deal, you’ll see the $16.99 cost seem in your fourth month with the service.

Microsoft beforehand supplied the deal in December, which inspired me to offer Game Pass a attempt. I wasn’t completely offered on it since I sport on PC and don’t personal an Xbox, however Microsoft does supply a good quantity of content material for PC players via Game Pass.

Perhaps the most important downside is the necessity to use the Xbox app and Windows Store to handle sport installs, however even within the few months I’ve had Game Pass, Microsoft has improved the expertise considerably (nevertheless it nonetheless wants work). Thankfully, rumours counsel Microsoft is working to enhance features of the Windows Store in future software program updates, which in flip ought to assist enhance the Xbox app and total Game Pass expertise for PC customers.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate consists of video games for PC, console and cell (via xCloud in beta, and with restricted availability). The subscription service additionally consists of the advantages of Xbox Live Gold, an EA Play membership, varied ‘perks’ and extra.

Unfortunately, present Game Pass subscribers, and those that’ve tried the service earlier than, aren’t eligible for the brand new $1 deal. Still, for those who haven’t tried out Game Pass but, I’d advocate giving it a shot. For $1, you don’t lose a lot for those who don’t prefer it.

You can take a look at Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and subscribe right here.

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