Xbox’s Twentieth anniversary celebrations have already began

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November fifteenth is the Twentieth anniversary of Xbox and whereas the date remains to be six months away, it seems Microsoft desires to begin the celebrations a bit early.

Starting now, Xbox is celebrating its Twentieth anniversary and needs to incorporate its hundreds of thousands of followers within the festivities.

To start, Xbox has added new official ’20th-anniversary’ merchandise to its gear store that features T-shirts, hats, mugs, pillows and extra.

Additionally, this 12 months additionally marks the Twentieth anniversary of the Halo franchise, and Microsoft has added a bunch of latest free-to-download wallpapers on its web site, commemorating the 20-year milestone of the title and the platform behind it.

Fans also can register for the Xbox FanFest to participate in actions that function unique sweepstakes, FanFest gear and digital experiences as a part of the Twentieth-anniversary occasion. By registering for Xbox FanFest, you acquire entry to exclusives throughout Xbox-hosted occasions, promotions, and curated on-line experiences specifically tailor-made for you. To register for the FanFest, click on right here.

To begin off the celebration, Xbox is at present internet hosting a reside Twitch stream to mirror on the previous twenty years of gaming, all whereas having fun with the sport that sparked all of it — Halo: Combat Evolved. The reside stream started in the present day at 2pm ET/11am pt and might be watched right here.

To conclude the announcement, Microsoft says it’ll “have more fun to share as we get closer to November 15th,” with “more announcements, activities, and ways to celebrate.”

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