Samsung gadgets to get month-to-month replace on May 18 in Canada

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Samsung is a bit late this month.

On May 18th, quite a lot of Samsung smartphones in Canada will obtain the corporate’s May safety replace, in line with Telus’ replace schedule. 

Smartphones set to obtain the replace on May 18th are the Samsung Galaxy S21 sequence, Samsung Galaxy S20 sequence, the Note 20 sequence and the Samsung Galaxy A11.

According to 9to5Google, the replace contains digicam efficiency enhancements, enhanced fast share between Galaxy gadgets, handset safety and different enhancements. Reportedly, the S20 and Note 20 may even get some further video recording options. It’s value noting that the replace is perhaps barely completely different relying on the Galaxy handset variants.

Even if you happen to’re not with Telus, you may seemingly count on your gadget to get the replace on the 18th, give or take a day or two.

Source: Telus

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