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Fido providing 11GB for $55 and extra for a restricted time

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Rogers’ sub-carrier Fido is providing an additional 3GB with plans for a restricted time. 

These promotions begin at $50 for 8GB and embody limitless worldwide textual content, name show, voicemail, limitless Canada-wide minutes and Fido Xtra with a brand new perk each Thursday.

Here are the plans under:

  • 8GB for $50 per thirty days
  • 11GB for $55 per thirty days
  • 13GB for $60 per thirty days
  • 15GB for $70 per thirty days

This promotion is on the market for purchasers who wish to carry their very own machine or for these trying to improve their handset.

Additionally, after talking to a Fido retail gross sales affiliate, it appears that evidently some Fido shops (not less than in Toronto) are providing an extra $10 off per thirty days in your plan. The gross sales affiliate to me that this promotion can also be solely accessible for a restricted time.

Source: Fido

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