Clubhouse is now obtainable on Android in Canada

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After announcing final week that Clubhouse was lastly coming to Android, the drop-in group voice chat app is now releasing within the Canadian Google Play Store.

That stated, you continue to should be invited by somebody that’s already utilizing Clubhouse to entry the platform. Since its launch final 12 months, Clubhouse has been iOS unique, so this new Android Android model of the platform has been a very long time coming.

If you’re unclear about what Clubhouse is, it options audio chat rooms that customers can host and that anybody can be part of. Think of it as a cross between dwell podcasting, Ted Talks and the randomness of Twitter. If you need to study extra about Clubhouse, take a look at our explainer.

While the premise could appear to be a wise approach to hear out of your favorite creators or study new issues, the platform has skilled issues with content material moderation.

You can obtain the Android model of Clubhouse from the Google Play Store.

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