Government invests $1.6 million to carry high-speed web to Halton Region in Ontario

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The federal authorities is investing $1.6 million to carry high-speed web to 324 houses in Halton area in Ontario.

Standard Broadband will obtain the funding from the Universal Broadband Fund to carry connectivity to rural residents of Haltonville and Moffat.

“Today is once again a really important day for so many of our neighbours here in Halton. Fast and reliable internet is essential for full participation in modern society,” mentioned Liberal MP Adam Van Koeverden in a press release.

“Working from home, taking part in online learning and accessing telehealth services are all normal, daily needs that rely on connectivity. Many rural residents are also farmers, business people and entrepreneurs who depend on reliable online access to the global economy to put food on the table.”

The federal authorities launched the Universal Broadband Fund in November 2020 and included the Rapid Response Stream. The stream has made as much as $150 million instantly accessible for shovel-ready initiatives that may be accomplished by November fifteenth, 2021.

Last month, the federal government allotted one other $1 billion beneath Budget 2021 for the now $2.75 billion Universal Broadband Fund.

The fund is supposed to assist join 98 p.c of Canadians to high-speed web by 2026 and obtain the nationwide goal of 100% connectivity by 2030.

Source: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

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