Fall Guys will get cross-platform play with May 13 patch

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Fall Guys May thirteenth patch will convey cross-play performance to Mediatonic’s beloved social gathering title, letting PC and PlayStation 4 gamers be part of one another’s video games.

Furthermore, as soon as the replace hits the sport, customized lobbies can be accessible to everybody, permitting you to host personal video games between a minimal of 4 gamers.

However, cross-play events aren’t but accessible to customers, although at the least cross-platform matchmaking and customized lobbies is partway there.

Other updates embrace 55 extra variations throughout 12 rounds, an in-game connection high quality indicator, improved latency when grabbing objects, and new glitch reporting choices. Mediatonic says the patch additionally options a number of normal fixes and enhancements to the sport.

In different Fall Guys-related information, the discharge of Switch and Xbox variations of the sport has been delayed to a while this summer time.

Source: Mediatonic

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