Elon Musk polls Twitter to ask if Tesla ought to begin accepting Dogecoin

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Elon Musk took to Twitter to ask his followers if Tesla ought to begin accepting Dogecoin as a cost methodology.

The ballot is closed now, however slightly below 4 million folks participated, and an amazing majority of 78.2 p.c voted in favour of shopping for electrical automobiles with the meme-based cryptocurrency.

Tesla already accepts Bitcoin as a cost kind.

Earlier this week, Musk introduced {that a} Canadian-made satellite tv for pc firm can be paying with Dogecoin to ship a satellite tv for pc to the Moon.

With all this in thoughts, you by no means know with Musk, so HODL your Doge and perhaps you should purchase a Tesla or a pair of S3XY shorts if he ever brings them again to the Tesla Merch retailer.

Source: @elonmusk

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