Bungie turned on Destiny 2 cross-play by chance

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Some Destiny 2 gamers have been in a position to entry the sport’s upcoming cross-play options months forward of its official launch.

Bungie has beforehand mentioned that cross-play with each platform Destiny 2 is on the market on, together with the Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5, PC and Google Stadia variations of the sport, would arrive later this yr. In a tweet, Bungie neighborhood supervisor Cozmo confirmed that Bungie by chance launched cross-play to a small subset of gamers earlier this week.

Cozmo went on to say that gamers with the function may have till the top of the week to check it out, indicating that will probably be faraway from the sport fairly quickly.

The Verge‘s Tom Warren posted a video of crossplay in motion between Stadia and PC gamers. Despite not being formally out there but, cross-play appears fairly strong — a minimum of between Stadia and PC gamers.

It’s unclear if this unintended launch will push up Bungie’s timeline for cross-play formally dropping. Destiny 2‘s newest seasonal replace, Season of the Splicer, simply launched.

Source: @Cozmo23

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