Saskatchewan justice minister voices issues over Bill C-10 in letter to heritage minister

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Saskatchewan Minister of Justice Gordon Wyant has voiced concern that Bill C-10 may infringe on freedom of expression.

Wyant has penned a letter asking Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault to cease the invoice from continuing or to make amendments to guard Canadians’ freedoms.

“I urge you to stop Bill C-10 from proceeding, or at the very least make amendments to stipulate that all creative internet content generated by Canadians will be exempt from any regulatory supervision by federal government agencies,” the letter reads.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe tweeted the letter and acknowledged that “the scope of Federal Bill C-10 is a concerning constraint on freedom of expression, guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

These feedback come as Guilbeault just lately backtracked after saying the CRTC could regulate accounts which have a big following beneath Bill C-10. He outlined that social media customers won’t ever be regulated.

Bill C-10 has been placed on maintain as MPs are hoping to hunt clarification on whether or not it violates social media customers’ rights.

Guilbeault tabled the legislation in November 2020 with the intention to control on-line platforms comparable to Netflix and Spotify and had acknowledged that the objective of the proposed invoice is to make sure on-line streaming providers contribute to the creation and manufacturing of Canadian content material.

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