Deathwish Tesla proprietor caught in backseat whereas utilizing self-driving function

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A brand new video has surfaced on-line displaying off a Tesla proprietor who’s sitting within the again seat of his automobile whereas it drives itself down a metropolis road.

Tesla’s autopilot function has come below some scrutiny recently because it got here to gentle that Tesla homeowners can, with slightly little bit of preparation, get their vehicles to drive themselves with out anybody within the driver’s seat.

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Beyond that, there have additionally been some folks stating that the Autopilot naming scheme Tesla makes use of for its driver-assistance packages is slightly unclear because it form of implies that the automobile can drive itself.

Overall, this downside of individuals testing out how effectively their vehicles can drive themselves isn’t actually on Tesla’s shoulders since for somebody to be within the backseat, they would want to place a small weight on the steering wheel and the motive force’s seat to trick the automobile into pondering it nonetheless has a human able to take over in case of a crash, which means that the people who find themselves testing this out are doing so very purposefully.

Still, it’s fairly appalling to see somebody put their very own life in danger like this and the lives of everybody else on the highway.

What is nice to notice is that different automobile producers like Ford and GM use a small digicam that may inform when a driver is wanting on the highway, which signifies that the majority different automobile producers want to implement their very own driver help packages in a method that’s more durable to idiot.


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