PlayStation’s Remote Play iOS app now helps the PS5’s DualSense controller

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Sony has up to date its Remote Play app on Apple units with assist for the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller.

This implies that anybody with an iPhone, iPad, iPod contact or Apple TV working the newest 14.5 OS — or a Mac with macOS Big Sur 11.3 — can make the most of the current-gen PlayStation gamepad.

Previously, Remote Play solely supported the PS4’s DualShock 4 when streaming PS4 or PS5 video games to your Apple system. Remote Play on Android hasn’t but been up to date, so that you at the moment need to maintain utilizing the DualShock 4 on units working Google’s OS.

For now, although, Apple system homeowners can’t take full benefit of the DualSense’s distinctive function set. As it stands, the controller helps adaptive triggers on these units, however not haptics. The built-in microphone, headphone jack and speaker at the moment don’t work, both.

It’s additionally value noting that the newest variations of iOS and macOS additionally added assist for the DualSense and Microsoft’s new Xbox controller launched with the Series X/S.

Source: PlayStation

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