Ford’s electrical F-150 will get sub-branded as ‘Lightning,’ May 19 reveal date

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Ford has introduced that it’s going to exhibit the brand new electrical Ford F-150 on May nineteenth, and it’s going to be sub-branded as ‘Lightning.’

This is Ford’s first electrical truck, however it’s not the primary F-150 to be graced with the Lighting moniker. Back within the 90s and early 2000s, the automaker launched a couple of high-performance vehicles utilizing the identical title.

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It’s additionally anticipated that the truck will include a couple of AC energy retailers onboard since an announcement from Ford CEO Jim Farley claims that customers can energy their home from the brand new F-150 throughout an outage. Farley additionally shared that the brand new electrical Lightning truck will likely be quicker than the outdated Lightning from 1993’s 0-60 time of slightly below seven seconds.

The transient trailer Ford launched additionally exhibits off an excellent vast entrance headlight that stretches all the best way from one facet to the opposite.

Beyond that, not a lot else is thought in regards to the new truck, however based mostly on how good the Electric Mustang is, I count on large issues from the corporate. I’m additionally hoping the corporate retains the distinctive infotainment display with the large dial within the center.

No matter what options it has, if Ford can value the electrical F-150 appropriately, it is going to possible have a success on its arms. The common F-150 truck is already massively fashionable, and different electrical vehicles like Rivian and GMC’s Hummer Truck are priced extra for high-end automobile patrons versus being mass-market automobiles.

Users can watch the reveal on May nineteenth at 9:30pm ET/6:30pm PT on Ford’s YouTube channel. 

Source: Ford

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