Leak suggests HTC releasing two new VR headsets at ViveCon 2021

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A brand new report means that HTC is on the verge of releasing two new VR headsets subsequent week at ViveCon.

So far, there aren’t any leaked specs. However, Protocol expects the headsets to be aimed on the enterprise sector as a substitute of avid gamers.

One of the headsets is named the Vive Focus 3 and has a €1,474 (roughly $2,175 CAD) price ticket. The different is named the Vive Pro 2 and rings in at €842 (roughly $1,242 CAD). After their reveals, the headsets are additionally anticipated to go up on the market in May.

While these are doubtless thrilling for firms wanting to make use of extra VR ideas, common individuals are extra prone to get excited in regards to the firm’s potential to launch a fitness-focused VR headset.

In late April, a leaked picture of a headset referred to as the HTC Vive Air leaked, exhibiting off a really sporty-looking headset that seemed to be designed with health in thoughts. The firm stated this was only a idea, however that kind of response doesn’t rule out an analogous headset being proven off subsequent week.

Either manner, as VR will get increasingly more mainstream, ViveCon is turning into a much bigger and larger draw within the VR world. Personally, I’m hoping the corporate reveals off some new controller designs with particular person finger inputs for gaming that work with Half-Life Alyx like Valves Index controllers.

Source: Protocol 

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