Google Assistant sings an auto-tuned vaccine track and its higher than it has a proper to be

There’s not so much to say about Google Assitant’s singing chops, however I’ll admit that the vaccine track slaps.

You can hearken to the track by merely asking Google Assistant on a wise speaker or your cellphone to “Sing the Vaccine song.” It begins with a enjoyable little beat, and the lyrics are literally form of touching, however that’s probably as a result of I’m simply so antsy to have life return to one thing just like pre-COVID instances once more.

The Verge additionally experiences that relying in your Google Assistant setup, it should sing the track in both a male or feminine sounding voice.

The lyrics are as follows, in case you wish to sing alongside or use this at your subsequent Canadian Idol audition.

Source: Google Assistant, The Verge 

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Written by Gideon


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